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live on campus students work hard during college to land a job after graduation. but what are the chances of landing a job? ....i'll have a live report more cuts are on the horizon for san jose state, we'll tell you how this affects the schools largest department. and months before the election, not everyone is looking to have their voices heard. we'll show you the who and why. update news starts now.
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hello and welcome to update news... im bentli bejan. and i'm lexy nuno... thanks for joining us. san jose state students who are feeling the effects of massive budget cuts this semester will be hit by even more in the spring. the university administration has announced 250 more sections will be eliminated next semester ... even if a tax measure that would help fund state universities passes on election day.
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students need to be planning now, and not wait for the end of the year to get their schedules prepared. this week ... the number of people applying for unemployment benefits nationally dropped to the lowest point since july. the u-s labor department says jobless claims decreased by 26-thousand nationally. the turnaround in claims may be a good sign for san jose state students looking for jobs when they graduate. update news pedro garcia is live on campus with more on what the job market is looking like.
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you. are. hired. three magic words students want to hear when they graduate sometimes getting an employer to utter this phrase can prove to be difficult. "last semester about 7500 students graduated from san jose state minh nyguen is one of those students he has a bachelors in computer science and you would think in silicon valley that would all but guarantee you a job. minh nyguen sjsu graduate:"so now i'm back at it looking for a job again looking for anything web related. web testing or anything." despite nyguen's difficulty finding a job ... the unemployment rate is dropping. according to the california employment development department the jobless rate went down from 8.8 percent in july to 8.5 percent in august in the south bay. last year the average was 9.7 percent. susan rockwell is assistant director for employment services at the san jose state career center.
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susan rockwell assistant director for employment services at the career center "i think it is easier than it was a year ago because the job market has improved then what it was a year ago. i also think that it depends on how much time a student invests in it. so if you're really invested and you're putting your full time efforts into finding a position you're probably gonna find one faster than someone who is spending a little bit of time." the number of manufacturing and construction jobs rose in the south bay by as much as fifteen hundred. the san jose state employment services center has 1800 job listings in its sjsu data base .... still finding the right job can be difficult. minh nyguen:" "when i first started looking for jobs it was pretty intimidating because i had basically nothing on my resume and i was competing with people with a master degree so that was pretty intimidating but you just gotta do it get through the motions figure it out." rockwell says investing more time can go a long way. as for nyguen he has decided to turn down a recent job offer so he can start his
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own start up company. he hopes to one day to be in a position to hire recent college graduates. reporting from san jose pedro garcia update news. another sign of an improving job market was seen thursday when san jose state held its largest job fair in five years. nearly 180 employers attended the san jose state job and internship fair. to prepare students for the fair ... the career center held a resume blast workshop earlier in the week. representatives from several companies, including target and e-trade were on hand. they gave students pointers on how to improve their resumes and make a good impression during job interviews. "it's another step to help them get prepared and it's nice to hear from the resume experts you know the employers that are looking at the resumes what they want from students. we share that message with students but it's nice to hear it straight from the employers and the feedback we get from the students they appreciate the feedback from that perspective." the resume blast workshop is held every semester the
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monday before the job and internship fair. the next job and internship fair will be held in feburary. one of the biggest challenges students face before and after graduating is how to manage their money. the university's center for community learning and leadership is helping students meet the challenge. the center is offering a series of workshops covering dozens of money management topics. ""we're offering a variety of classes that we're gonna be offering, such as budgeting, improving your credit, how do i avoid identity theft, and basic thinking."" the seminars are sponsored by a partnership of local banks and on campus programs and departments. according to the us census, an estimated 22 million young americans voted in the 2008 election. but this upcoming election..may be different. "the 2008 election had the biggest turnout of young voters since 1972. s-j-s-u grad student robbie craddock was one of those young voters...excited to
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vote for the first time...but come november 6th of this year, he won't even be casting a ballot. (craddock/communications graduate student) "man yeah, i was 18 years old..ready to vote. like yeah i get to vote right when it's time, black president..well half black or whatever. and so i was super fired up and excited and thinking that 'oh yeah i'm going to change history...i'm going to help change history." but some students believe that the hype of 2008...has disappeaered. (craddock/communications graduate student) "there was a big push for us to go out and vote. um i haven't really felt that at all this year..i mean you got the people screaming around here on campus to register to vote, but it's like why, why should we?" and he's not alone. students say either their vote dosen't matter, they don't have time, or they're not well-informed. (emile aranda/ health science sophmore) "i don't really pay attention to the debates, so i just feel like i'm not educated on that part to cast my vote." the institute of politics predicts that only 46 percent of youth are certain they will vote in this upcoming election. many students feel their votes won't matter...but registrar of voters spokesperson, elma rosas says they will.
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(rosas/spokesperson for santa clara county voter registration)"if you don't make the decision, someone else is. and maybe it's not the right decision for you. so we really want our students, our students and everyone to engage and get familiar with the issues." registering was made easier last week when california officials launched an online registration system. craddock says this may help, but believes there's only one reason for the youth not voting. (craddock/comm graduate student) "it soley goes down to..they don't care."" joining us now is san jose state professor of political science, melinda jackson. is this true? do you think there's a lot of voter apathy among young voters?
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could the youth vote determine the outcome of prop 30? we have the first presidental debate coming up next wednesday, will it really infulence voters or do you think people have already made up their minds?
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in other news...san jose state is joining other csu's to offer a doctoral of nursing practice degree. sjsu's valley foundation school of nursing is
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coordinating the new program. it is designed to develop advanced competencies for increasingly complex practice, teaching, and leadership roles in nursing, and to provide an advanced educational credential in nursing. applicants must meet specific requirements. they will not receive a ph.d. "what they are hoping to get out of the doctoral nursing program, is how to engage people, how to get them on board and motivate them to make the lifestyle changes to make the decisions that are needed to generally improve the health literacy of our entire population." more information about dnp is available at the health center on the fourth floor. the health center is open monday through friday from 9:00 am until 4:00 p.m. what usually looks like an empty field with deserted runways was bustling with people and anticipation last week as moffit field and nasa's west coast research center were honored with a historic fly-by.
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update news was there for the flyover and to find out more about the bay area's nasa center. "all eyes were in the sky last week as a piece of american history, the space shuttle endeavour, soared above california in its last flight before retirement. the endeavour was the fifth and final shuttle built by nasa with its first mission to space in 1992. the ship made multiple trips to the international space station and made service missions to the hubble space craft. standup :18 - the space shuttle endeavour made its twenty-fifth and final mission into space in may of 2011. today endeavour tours california in its final flight, making honorary fly-bys at the state capitol and right here outside the nasa ames research center here in mountain view. the ames research center has one of ten nasa visitor centers in the country and has top astronaut training platforms like this virtual motion simulator..nat sound karol bobko joined ames as a simulation lab manager in 2005 and remembers flying the real shuttle as a nasa astronaut.
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sot :10 - there is a tremendous sense of accomplishment when you come back from a mission. doing all of the things that need to get done; it really is quite something. endeavour's fly over saluted ames and its researchers for their groundbreaking work on thermal protection of current and future space crafts. sot :09 - we're like thermal protection experts. so like on the mars landing that just occurred recently, we developed all the thermal protection system for that. with nasa's space shuttle program now in extinction most of the focus is directed toward planet mars. ames is attempting to find out more about reaching mars and the effect it will have on machinery and the human body. sot :11 - the jet propulsion laboratory came to us and said would you install this pica?รก on the mars science laboratory. and we did, it was a crash effort, it took about 9-12 months to get that done. sot :11 - the big picture here being, that if we're going to send astronauts to mars and back we are going to be in space for long
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periods of time and so we need to know what the effects of this will be. endeavour's last flight ended in los angeles where it was retired at the california science center. nasa ames will continue to be involved in further endeavors into space in mountain view, dominic urrutia, update news." an exhibit in the library is weaving together topics of heated debate in america. and one department is bringing music to students' ears on campus every week. but first we asked students if they were confident to get jobs after they graduate. "i'm pretty confident i'll get a job after college. i want to be a teacher so hopefully there's schools that need teachers. i'm going to try to look around here, there's more like dream works and stuff around here but if i can also probably look down la
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more of the studios are like disney and other stuff down there. i feel pretty confident about getting a job after i graduate because teaching is a profession that always needs more teachers. i hope it will work in the future when i greaduate. in animation illustration major and the teachers have a track record of getting everybody right into the industry after college." rashida gilmore is here to tell us about whats new in arts and entertainment. what do you have for us today rashida? theres plenty to look forward to in a&e, but first i want to get musical. it never hurts to fill your ears with beautiful melodies once or twice a week. and here on campus ... finding beautiful music is right at your fingertips.
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"nat sot up full pinano enjoy the sound of music every tuesday and thursday at noontime over at the music and dance hall. the school of music and dance is sponsoring the listening hour ... a free concert series that's open to the public. joane stubbe, the coordinator, describes how it all started. [joane stubbe/coordinator " it started out as a 13 hour performance series for the semester and the chairmanin liked it so well, and it was so well received by all the students and the surrounding community, that he doubled it". rachel chen is a music major who plays the violin ... she looks forward to perfomances every week. rachel says " its fun to listen to different types of music because every time they have a performance, its different". performers who participate in the program range from students, faculty and visiting artists who play music from a variety of genres and cultures. music is a passion, that started early for sheri ross -- a violinist.
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sheri says "my parents had me do a lot of listening when i was young, and it developed my ears to a point where it just became a part of me, so that as an adult it's a basic function". being a musician requires a lot of hard work and patience, but for sheri ross, it's all worth it. the listening hour is held in the music hall twice a week from 12-30 p-m to 1:15 p-m. it's a wonderful listening experience and a great way to support the school of music and dance. an art exhibit focusing on the controversial issue of illegal immigration will be held in the mlk library over the next month. the exhibit -- undocumented threads -- is by consuelo jiminez underwood. she's a fiber artist who uses her work to show how she feels about politics and the struggles of who she says are oppressed people.
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""i use materials unexpectedly..and then the format is unexpected. it's woven, it's sewn, but they're very powerful, strong, political statements. so i love that juxtaposition."" she uses symbols like the mexican and american flags blended together to show her views about the mexico ... u-s border. her fabric designs can be found in oakland, chicago, new york, and even the smithsonian museum. undocumented threads is open until october 28th. the san jose peace and justice center held a film festival last weekend -- with much of the work focused on the subject of war. the various films looked at the wars in iraq and afghanistan. another film dealt with vietnam veterans who suffer from post traumatic stress disorder. a film about mexico's drug war was the work of two investigative journalists.
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"[joan baza/director, inside mexico's drug war: "the demand for narcots in the u-s is what drives this entire market." the films can be viewed on tuesdays at 6pm on crea-tv channel 15 the e-a sports ncaa football challenge tournament is underway ... and its first stop was san jose state .... giving students a chance to win a big cash prize. the challenge allows students to play the new installment of e-a sports' ncaa football -13 ... in a tournament style bracket. "we're giving out a thousand dollars playing some ncaa football and the winner gets to go up against sixteen other schools and go online, and they have a tournament." this year's sjsu winner was social science senior josue (ho-sway) gil-fernandez who will go on and compete for a five thousand dollar cash prize and get an invitation to a post-season bowl game.
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thats all i got for today guys, back to you! thanks rashida, that was some great stuff. yeah i loved it. spartan football has been on a roll, but can they finish close games against a tough interstate rival? and san jose states new athletic director is no stranger to developing nationally recognized programs. we'll show you his game plan for spartan athletics... first, we see what students thought of replacement referees in the nfl.. "yeah i do think they're hurting themselves because obviously the outcome of some of the games most recently with the packers and they just miss some of the calls that are key to a game. i think lightweight yeah because i've been watching the games and those referees are making some bad calls. i've seen a lot of pass interference plays that aren't really pass interference and a lot of holding calls that aren't holding. so i would say yeah.
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i think they're pay is fair and i don't think there should be a lockout. i was watching first take the other day, i feel like the nfl is so cocky in a sense where they think that eventhough we have these replacement refs reffing our game people will still watch nfl, because its such a great game. but at the end of the day it really takes away from the history of the game and the love of the game" elliot alagueuzian is here to tell us whats going on this week in spartan athletics. whats new elliot? we got some baseball, volleyball, and pigskin. but first i want to talk about the one man who is running the show behind the scenes... it has been just three months since san jose state university appointed a new athletic director..... and gene bleymaier has already hit the ground running ... making sure work
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on some very big projects stays on schedule. "for gene bleymaier the chance to work as sjsu's athletic director was too good to pass up. "to work at a great university in the silicon valley and with the university moving to the mountain west conference in football it's an opportune time for this program to go to the next level." a level bleymaier brought to boise state as its athletic for almost thirty years.... now with san jose state joining the mountain west conference next fall -- he says all campus athletic facilities will need to be upgraded. "we have facility needs that are quite dramatic across all of our sports and we'll need to look at those and try to work on them one at a time." facility improvements inlcude the north endzone project at spartan stadium.
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"the bulk of the north endzone building will be a new football complex. which will house new locker room, training room, equipment room, coaches' offices, meeting rooms." the bill walsh institute is also in the works. "which will be a nice classroom area and display area where we we can have seminars and talk about what bill walsh preached and his philosophy." bleymeir's vision is one shared by football head coach mike macintyre. "i believe in what he's doing and i believe he believes in what i'm doing. i think we see everything eye to eye and he really cares about young people too. he's not just all about football he really cares about young people being successful and that's very important to me." bleymaier hopes to one day transform the spartan athletic program the same way he transformed boise state's program.
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bleymaier grew up in california and has four children who live in the bay area says that was a big reason for him to come back home. the spartan football team is back east this weekend in a big game against navy. it follows a dramatic fourth quarter win in san diego for the first time since 1952. last saturday -- spartan quarterback david fales threw three touchdown passes in final 12 minutes of the game to complete a 38 to 34 win. tight end ryan otten caught his first touchdown pass of the season. ""it was a big win for us, it means a lot for our university and for our whole program. and we're excited abou that happening. it was a big deal for our kids and a big deal for our president.""
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if the spartans beat navy -- it'll be their first four game winning streak since 2006. after navy -- the spartans have a bye week before they face-off against utah state at home .... in the first conference game of the season. the spartan womans volleyball team is about halfway through its 2012 season. on tuesday the lady spartans hosted their third straight opponent at home after defeating the previous two. the lady spartans battled closely with the university of pacific tigers in the first set but ultimately fell by 4 points. the next two sets were not as close, as pacific used a series of short runs to win the match in straight sets. the spartans were playing their third game in five days and came out flat. "came out a little dull, could have come out a lot stronger, mentally, umm, physically it was there, but normally we had a little, dull moment in the beginning." after this game the spartans
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record stood at 6-8 and they have seven more home games until the season ends. new baseball coach dave nakama has one ambitious goal and that's to transform san jose state into a contending team and finally make the wac tournamanet. nakama was named baseball coach replacing sam piraro who retired in july. nakama, who was the assisstant coach at stanford, helped bring four pac-10 championships, five n-c-a-a regional crowns ... and appearances in the college world series. nakama believes the keys to success are assessing the talent that's already here ... and becoming a force in the recruitment of new talent. thats it for sports guys, back to you. thanks elliot. thanks. that'll do it for now. be sure to check us out on facebook by searching 's-j-s-u update news.'
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for granted, not giving it a second thought. hi, i'm doctor oz. for the three million american children who have food allergies, food is a very serious matter and can even be life threatening. until there's a cure, it's crucial we learn how to 'respect every bite.' [female announce learn more at food allergy dot org or call 800-929-4040. a public service from faan .

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